The Legend of the Laurel Wreath!

May 15, 2019



Okay, so we are being a bit dramatic! There is not really  a huge "legend" behind our Laurel Wreath Branding, but there is a story to it!


A Laurel Wreath is simply a  round wreath made of connected leaves and branches of the bay laurel plant. It's a symbol of triumph or victory that dates back to Greek Mythology. In ancient times, wreaths were awarded to victors in athletic competitions. They were also a symbol of martial victory in Rome and were used to crown a successful commander during his triumph. In modern idiomatic usage it refers to a victory. 


So why in the world did we name our Bridal Boutique Laurel Wreath Bridal?  For owner Laurie Haag, it came about quickly after exhausting all the cliche "bridally" sounding names.  After careful consideration, she thought, what is more personal, that says something about me? Well, her name is Laurie.  She has four daughters.  At least with two of those daughters she considered the name Laurel.  But she always ended up steering away from it because for one, Laurel was a pretty unique name back in the late 80"s and 90"s and this was back before unusual names were really all the rage.  Plus, she thought, Laurie and Laurel, plus their grandpa's name being Larry, that maybe it was a little  too much.  Larry, Laurie, Laurel sounded like a recipe for disaster when it came to family functions or in the  public when people would get all that confused.  So she always ended up changing her mind.


So when she had the opportunity to revisit the name, she seized it.  She thought it was an excellent way to give a nod to the fact that her Bridal Shop was her new "baby" that would need lots of nurturing and love along the way.  The connotation of a Laurel Wreath just sounded pretty. Plus Laurie really loved the idea of it signifying victory! So for us, Laurel Wreath is a way of celebrating the victory in the dress search.  We love to help brides find the perfect gown for their day.  Each bride receives an special wreath of her  own at their dress pick up. It's just a small touch, that for us is a way of personalizing your dress victory and welcoming you into the Laurel Family!




At Laurel Wreath Bridal all of our appointments are private and luxury with special attentive care from our Bridal Stylist working hard to bring you Dress Victory AND welcome you to becoming a Laurel Bride!






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